And your banjo too

And my banjo, autographed by Del McCoury, did not escape either. This photo doesn't show it too well, but the steam warped the head of the banjo pot (the "skin") right away. In a few days, the neck and head will probably warp too.

Bye bye banjo

Bye bye banjo

5 thoughts on “And your banjo too

  1. I was just about to ask if your banjos made it out alive. I'm sorry to see that they didn't! Maybe now you'll be able to play a sad song on this one?
    Good luck with everything!

  2. Ouch! When we experienced "500 year floods" a few years back and the water poured into the basement through the window wells, I skidded across the floor to save my Guild. It ain't nothin' much I 'spose, but they don't make 'em in Westerley anymore.

    You probably have your own favortite dealers, but I'd like to recommend Lark in the Morning to you. Check out Lots of instruments, including banjos. And some don't even require a second mortgage on the house.


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