that's why all the folks on rocky top get their corn fom a jar


It was another bittersweet day. More than anything, I regret the things I said and did when Brian and I argued at the end of our trip. With Andrew and Chad's help, I had trimmed the argument scene from the play down to a much faster, much angrier, and much more accurate portrayal of that fight. That Nick and Thomas (and Jen and Jenna) played their roles so splendidly made it that much harder to watch and listen to...take after take.

Then again, they turned in great performances today and we wrapped the shoot on time and on budget (I think).

After we left the set, in ones and twos a few of the crew gathered at Chad and Jen's place. We drank the better part of a quart of moonshine and encouraged Emily to tell us more stories from Breathitt County. I was writing them down when Andrew, feeling the corn liquor, narrowed his eyes a little and drawled across the table, "Boy, when we're talkin' around the shine WE don't take notes."

As eager as I am to see Tab and the girls tonight, it was hard to leave this morning. Jen has been so gracious and generous while I've been squatting in Dylan's room for the past two weeks. And Andrew has become like a brother to me--not just because he FELT this story so strongly, but because I could sit and talk with him for hours.

And especially because Chad and I, who have always shared a loss, have spent the last two weeks handling it again. And because all of us, working together, brought something of them back.

4 thoughts on “that's why all the folks on rocky top get their corn fom a jar

  1. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for writing all these blog entries. Some of them stuck with me for days, popping into my head at completely unexpected moments. This last entry has my favorite picture though--it's a classic.

    Welcome home and I am SO looking forward to seeing this movie.


  2. Hi Cathie,
    Thank YOU for reading them and sending me encouragement. I was ready to throw in the towel on this blog the first weekend of the shoot, but you, Ann, Robin, my sister June, and Tabitha were the reason I kept going.

    One more week on the road (this time in Illinois) then I'll be home early next week.

  3. Scott Coykendall, I don't believe you've ever met ANYONE who you couldn't sit and talk with for hours (no disrespect to Andrew, of course!).

    Did you know Greg's parents are from Breathitt county? Maybe Emily knows them! 🙂

    Can't wait to catch up when you get back. Loved the blog and can't wait to see the movie, too!

  4. My face is tear-streaked and my nose really needs a tissue. When I sat down to update myself on what I heard were wonderful blog entries, I had to start where I left off (with the shot up snowblower). It's about an hour later now, and I should be in bed, but I couldn't stop reading! Hopefully I will have found the words to better describe what reading your entries was like by tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing.

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