On the road, on the way...

I left New Hampshire after lunch today and drove as far south and west as Scranton, PA. Not much to report--except that my little Hyundai Accent got a whopping 45.58 MPG!!!! I'm staying in a hotel where the roaches complain about the fleas. No worries-with all the money I save between the Hyundai and the hotel, I can afford more BBQ.

I'll be in Kentucky tomorrow evening. I'm pleased that I'm driving in from the East...I'll get to drive through appalachia.

2 thoughts on “On the road, on the way...

  1. hah, saving up for BBQ - brilliant. One must always have BBQ. I live in a post-bohemian neighbourhood with weird mix of classes, and students etc. But just erm, 100 yards I guess away, is a BBQ stall (OK, not Kentucky BBQ). But they do our national sausage best I've ever had. I rather don't go out at lunchtime for fear of temptation.

    I can't wait for the Dairy Queen escapades, which I noticed as I scrolled down.

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