Sequenced/Themed Tutorials

Something to chew over: what if the class broke into three teams of two for the purposes of writing tutorials. Each team of two could write a series of 3-4 related tutorials that centered on a single project. In fact, we could organize the tutorials by project. For instance, one set of tutorials could focus on using transform tools (and maybe throw in text and layers and some filters). It could start off with two beginner tutorials in a sequence, then move to a slightly longer and more difficult intermediate tutorial, and finish with a longer tutorial that showcased a few advanced techniques. Users who stopped at any stage would still learn something. Users who were already advanced could actually open the image created in the last tutorial so that they could skip the intros.

What are you thoughts? James, you're coordinating tutorials, how does this idea strike you?

BTW, if we did adopt this method, I would always have AT LEAST two beginner-level tutorials for every intermediate/advanced tutorial. Beginners are our main audience.

2 thoughts on “Sequenced/Themed Tutorials

  1. Scott,

    I really like the idea of grouped tutorials that utilize similar tools or applications. Let's all talk a bit about it in class. If we decide to go this route we'll obviously have to decide what tutorials should be clumped together in the "mini-tutorial-project" Cool beans though I think it could be really useful.

  2. This is not a comment about the suites of tutorials, which I also think are a really good idea. I've just finished cleaning up the wiki, and you said you'd like to know, so here you go.

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