Tobin & GOP Tricksters Go To Jail

Did the phone jamming scheme actually put Sununu over the top in his extremely narrow 2002 race against Jean "Capitulation Machine" Shaheen? Maybe not, but it was definitely a factor. Now that they've convicted someone at the national party level--after they already sent two other state-level hacks to jail--I'm wondering if they can (or will) investigate even higher up the chain.

Check out the Union Leader story on Tobin

To be honest, I'm interested in this story purely out of alarm at Republican election tactics rather than outrage that we missed another opportunity to be represented by Shaheen. Considering Shaheen's dedication to Clintonian focus-group-ideology, I think she would have represented us much the same as Sununu--i.e., her focus groups and handlers would have instructed her to vote for the war in Iraq, for the tax cuts, etc. Still, a job in the senate might have kept her hands off of the Kerry steering wheel in '04.